Monday, April 15, 2019

Why Will People Buy Your Book?

·         They need something or they think they need something.
·         They want something different.
·         Someone they value or trust said they should buy something.
·         They were convinced they would enjoy what they buy.
·         They perceive a delivery of value for their investment.
·         They want to have the shiny new toy.

But what moves them to buy from you? They may want to know what is in your book and they may trust you, but other things can be holding them back. You are competing for their attention, their money, their love. They may be ready to buy something, but they need to know why they should buy your book from you. So how do you sell it?

Whether the potential buyer wants or needs or desires your book is important. So is the price, the title, the cover, your author photo, and scores of other factors. So what can you do to be convincing?

First, speak with conviction and clarity, whether in a phone conversation, email, or a personal meeting. No one buys from another who lacks confidence or belief in their own product. State unequivocally how you know your book is worthy.

Second, they need to understand what the book contains. You express this in two ways – benefits and resources. The benefits – what it will  do for them – is what they need to hear. But the resources or features can sound good, too. Saying your book contains a solution to a specific problem is powerful. But then follow it up with the facts – “The book provides 36 ways to go on a budget-friendly vacation, a 5-step process to negotiate with any hotel, and a list of recommended restaurants in over 90 US cities.”

Third, people want to believe your book is up-to-date, so explain that it is current, comprehensive, and a complete offering of the latest information.

Fourth, people want to know you are trustworthy and qualified to write the book, so mention your credentials and how you researched your book.

Fifth, people want to feel good about what they do, so applaud them for taking a step towards learning and taking control of their life by buying your book.

Sixth, people like to hear they are getting a deal in price – usually – or that they are one of the first to have access to your book or that the advice/information contained in the book can make them or save them  thousands of dollars.

Seventh, people like to be led, so tell them to follow you, that you have a map to get them to where they want to be.

Eighth, people like to accomplish something – and to do so by taking the path of least resistance. So, show them how easy and simple your book will make life for them.

Ninth, people appreciate a smart person, a funny person and a savvy person. If you can come off as at least one or two or all three of these, you will make a lot of sales.

Tenth, people like to feel they are getting an edge, or gaining an advantage over another. Let them know they are ahead of 99% of the world by buying your book. Express some forward-thinking or visionary  ideas and they will believe in you.

So Why Will People Pass Up Such A Great Book?
For as many reasons people have for making a purchase, far fewer reasons are needed not to buy. In fact, whereas a person may need five reasons to buy something they usually need just one not to buy from you right now.

Some Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Are Obvious:
·         They aren’t convinced they want something.
·         They aren’t aware they need something, even if they do.
·         They are not optimistic people who are ready to take action.
·         They cannot afford to buy something or don’t feel you offer enough value for the price.
·         They haven’t shopped around and feel compelled to do more research or talk to the competition.

The list can go on. Some things cannot be overcome, especially if you aren’t being told what the consumer’s objection is. If they simply don’t like the color of your shoes there is nothing you can say or do to get them to look past that. But assuming you are communicating with someone who is a potential buyer, meaning they have a need for your book, they can afford to buy it, they do read and buy books, and they are open to your offer, what will you do to make them select you?

It feels like you are dating, right? Well, you are, kind of. Every customer is someone you want to impress, as if on a first date. Think about your strong points – emphasize them in your presentation. Take advantage of all your assets, from the physical, to the intellectual, the emotional, the spiritual, the financial, etc.

Flash your smile and crack some jokes. Find a way to relate to or identify with the person you want to sell. The more you know about them, the more you can find something to connect on. The more you find in common with another, the more likely they will buy from you.

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