Tuesday, May 7, 2019

My 8-Year Anniversary With Donald Trump

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Eight years ago almost to this day – and some 3,200 posts ago – I launched Book Marketing Buzz Blog.  I knew I had things to say, ideas to share, and experiences to convey, but I did not know I would still be penning new content today.  It just goes to show you that you never know where things will lead you to, but the first step is to try.  Take action.

On May 13, 2011 I wrote about Donald Trump, then a billionaire real estate developer who was well known for his exploits on television’s The Apprentice.  I wrote about how I disliked him and thought him to be a buffoon but also to say I admired his publicity antics and his ability to amass free publicity.  Even now, as president, though I disagree with his bullying and extremist policies, I completely am smitten with his uncanny skill to pump his message out there.

As a marketer, I can’t fault him.  As a human being and citizen, well, that’s another story.

So let’s learn from one of the best showmen around.  Authors can apply a Trumpian style to their book marketing by doing what he does:

1.      Seek out the media – he can’t stop talking, knowing everything he says and does will be covered by the media.

2.      Use social media – His Twitterstorms are legendary, posting prolifically at all hours of the day and night.

3.      Stick to a script – He punches out a few key points and then repeats and restates them, not looking to say more than is needed to get his views across.

4.      Be controversial – He confronts, bullies, teases, challenges, threatens – and that’s what becomes news.

5.      He is high energy – The senior citizen has a lot of energy and uses a booming voice, hand gestures, and lots of intensity when speaking.  Even his tweets take on a physical form with his excessive capitalizations and exclamation points.

6.      He speaks with conviction – He’s a real poker player who will lie to your face but do so with a compulsive self-righteousness.

7.      He demeans challengers – Nicknames for political enemies and the media become catchy labels that people repeat.

8.      Enmesh yourself with power and beauty – He likes photo opps in settings that usually make a statement.  If that doesn’t work, he has eye candy in wife Melania to stand by his side.

9.      Act like an authority – Even when he is ignorant of an issue, he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about.

10.  Pick a side – Don’t merely comment on something: take an extreme position.

11.  Dress for success. – Put on a wig, a nice suit, and an expensive watch and you to will be taken seriously.

12.  Paint yourself a victim. – Though he projects strength, vigor, and confidence, he often says he’s a victim of hoaxes, frauds, lies, political shenanigans, and schemers.  If you say you’re unjustly under attack, some will actually believe you.

Trump even manages to turn accusations, lawsuits, and unethical deeds to his advantage.  Even when he’s painted as a womanizer, liar, or crook, the ordinary citizen relates to him that much more.  Teflon Don gets away with a lot.

Authors don’t have to like Donald “The Chump” Trump, but they should admire and respect – with envy – how well he manages to get media coverage for decades, all while really having nothing good to say.  His Art of the Deal may be a best-seller, but what he really excels at is Art of the Media.

Happy anniversary, Donnie – just don’t call me.

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