Friday, May 24, 2019

What Do You Need To Sell Your Book?

15 Things You Can Provide Potential Book Buyers:
·         Convince someone your book delivers as promised
·         That your promise is something useful to them.
·         That they see a return on investment offered by you.
·         That your ROI is better than others that they are mulling.
·         They need to have a clear understanding of what you are selling.
·         They need to be convinced you are a legitimate expert.
·         They need to trust you and have faith you are not a scammer.
·         They will want to like you or relate to you.
·         They want little or no risks to dealing with you.
·         They want to feel you offer something they need or desire.
·         Nice packaging is a plus.
·         A good price is extra nice.
·         They want convenience or ease in dealing with you.
·         They want to feel you understand them or support their plight.
·         They want to be able to relate to you or connect on some level.

You can and should do many things to not only put people at ease, but to get them on your side. Everything you say and do, or don’t say and don’t do – will influence their decision of whether to buy from you. The words you select, the ideas you raise, the questions you ask, the stories you share – all of it contributes to their forming a quick assessment as to whether they want to work with you.

Whatever you do, take hold of the things you have control over. You can be on time or even early. You can respond quickly to emails or calls. You can be polite and respectful. You can share ideas – it costs you nothing. You can also exude confidence and reassure them of your passion for what interests them. You also have, within your capability, to be rude, sloppy, lazy, inconsiderate, late and scores of other turn-offs that plague your competitors. Take control with positive steps!

Make The Book Customer Happy
·         Leave ‘em laughing
·         Give them a gift.
·         Help them solve a problem.
·         Help them by understanding their needs – empathy.
·         Appear to show genuine interest in them.
·         Demonstrate your passion for their topic.
·         Express hope, optimism, and confidence.
·         Display pep, energy and vigor.
·         Act with appreciation and sincerity.
·         Ask positively phrased questions that cause them to think and engage you in a good way.
·         Have them see you offer mental, physical and financial benefits to them.
·         Speak with intelligence and a rich vocabulary.
·         Truly open your ears, eyes and heart and absorb their essence.
·         Treat others with respect, courtesy, and professionalism.
·         Let them feel they are your sole focus and priority – give them your full attention.
·         Do more than the customer expects – under promise and over deliver -- no delays, mistakes, miscommunications, substitutions, excuses, or lies.
·         Say you don’t know when you don’t know.
·         Admit you are wrong when you are.
·         Have the courage to take a contrarian viewpoint.

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