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My Love Affair With Dr. Ruth

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If I needed advice on sex, I don’t know if I’d prefer hearing from an attractive, straight woman -- the representative of my desires – or from whatever the opposite is – old, gay, male?  But for millions of Americans, one person you’d least expect to take sexual advice from has been going at it for decades, and at age 90 is celebrated in a new documentary, Ask Dr. Ruth.

The tiny old lady with a German accent is still standing tall.  The Holocaust survivor-turned-sex therapist became a spectacular sensation in the 1980s, and 90s with her best-selling books, television show, radio appearances, and advice that helped countless individuals achieve the ultimate sexual satisfaction.  She’s an iconic cultural figure and beloved by generations.

I met Dr. Ruth nearly 30 years ago.  It was my first time at Book Expo America, working the publisher’s booth in Las Vegas for SPI Books, at my first job in the book industry.  I was the publicity director for a small press.  One of our books was written by Dr. Ruth.

She is a sweet, savvy, and assertive woman who knows how to talk to people and get them to open to her in a way no one else could.  She is a spunky go-getter, a real spark.  Her accent makes you strain to listen to her, making you focus that much more on her every word.

It’s nice to see Dr. Ruth is still out there and active.  She doesn’t need the money or the fame.  She’s done so much for one who had the odds stacked against her.  Orphaned by the horrific Holocaust. She came to America after World war II with less than nothing.  But she rose above her circumstances and societal limitations to break through and become one of the most recognizable figures in America.

And there have been no scandals to tarnish that image.  She is real and pure – relatable and raw.  Today’s celebrity is packaged, polished, and short-lived.  Dr. Ruth still stands for something we can all appreciate.  She embodies The American Dream for immigrants.  

She also is a great cover model for strong women.  She makes Jewish people proud as well.  And millions of couples are in her debt for salvaging their relationships and improving their sex lives.

If you have ever watched or listened to Dr. Ruth, you would hear her church mouse laugh and laugh along with her.  You will appreciate her candor, wonder if you can do what she advises, and find something that you agree with her on.  But you may also see her now as a symbol, of what one can accomplish regardless of their station in life.  She continues to rewrite history as she remains very active in her tenth decade of a wonderful life.

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