Sunday, May 12, 2019

The 3-Worded Formula For Book Marketing Success

For centuries, publishing and authors have searched for the right way to promote and sell a book with great results.  It’s not just about gimmicks, luck, or connections.  It’s about you.

Here’s the secret formula for book marketing success:

·         Attitude
·         Ability
·         Opportunity

That’s it.  Three words to sell yours.  Let me elaborate.

To succeed at anything, you need to have the right attitude, not an attitude.  Park your negativity, rudeness, or ego at the door.  A good attitude is one where you are going the extra mile, remaining optimistic, positive, and confident, in the face of challenges, and in being of service to others.  Smile, ask questions, and show a genuine passion and care for others and in what you write about.

Ability is skill.  To be skilled at book marketing, you need to read books and blogs on the subject, be curious and ask marketers how they succeed, and train yourself in the art of social media, communications, sales, and branding.  You need to have the ability to persuade, to persevere, to be assertive, and to act like there’s urgency in everything.  Your ability to learn, take action, be creative and act thoughtfully will win others over – or it will kill your writing career.

Opportunity is something you make.  Either you respond to something right in front of you or you find a way to create opportunities.  You don’t wait for things to come to you.  No, you assert, create, and take something from nothing.  Opportunity is all around you.  Are you looking?

Too often I see people who fall into trapped thinking.  They feel they can’t do something well, so it doesn’t get done.  They don’t try to learn to do it right.  They don’t hire someone to do it for them.  They don’t do something else to make up for what they lack.  They just accept defeat and blame their shortcomings on someone else and remain stunted but wonder why they haven’t advanced forward.

We all have fears and hang-ups, more mental than physical, more psychological than real, and yet those things undermine us and doom what could be a decent if not remarkable writing career.

Empower yourself to believe in attitude – ability – opportunity.  Re-examine your strengths and weaknesses.  Accentuate the positives.  Eliminate the negatives.  Try new approaches.  Stop old, negative habits.  Reach out and get help.  You can further, your writing career by rejiggering the way you operate.  Believe in yourself and know that you can leap ahead of half the country just by re-tooling your attitude, enhancing your abilities, and seizing opportunities that don’t exist until you create them. 

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