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Authors Can Get More Media Coverage & Book Sales By Doing Just 1 Thing

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Most people make a key mistake in how they present themselves or their message to the news media and to potential book buyers.  But there’s a simple way to correct it that allows you to secure more media coverage, sell more books, and persuade others to value your viewpoints.

When people, especially authors, talk about their book or themselves they make a fatal flaw.  They think the conversation is about them, but in reality it’s about the listeners and their needs, desires, curiosities, and experiences.

You can state something one way, and people react to it a certain way.  If you just tweak how and what you say, you’ll witness a different reaction.  At the core of things it’s still you talking about yourself and your book, but the subtle differences in presentation make a world of difference in how others embrace a message.

So, let’s say your book is about how to grow rich.  Perhaps your book is based on your success in becoming wealthy.  So what would the media want to hear to convince them they should interview you?

You can be ego-centric and highlight how rich you are and tell stories of your opulent life.  But that could turn people off.

You can state, as a credential, how wealthy you are, but then offer tips and strategies as to how others can copy some of your success.  Now you’re offering something to help others and it shifts the focus from you to them.

People will buy your book for any one of a handful of reasons.  You either inform, entertain, enlighten, or empower them.  That’s it.  So when you talk about your book to a group of people, you have to filter all that you say through a prism.  Is what you say going to support one of those four things?  Which of the four does this group care most about?

If you believe people want to be entertained, and that people will buy your book because they hope to be entertained by it, then all that you do in a dialogue with others should have the singular goal of entertaining them.  It’s almost useless to go beyond that.  This is part of your branding.  You need to understand why someone will buy your book and then feed them back what they want, need, or expect.

You can’t be everything to everyone.  You can only hope to be something to someone.  Don’t try to please everyone – you’ll fail to win anyone over.  Look to segment and customize your approach.  Appeal to the type of people or demographic that you feel most certain of as your targeted buyer or media outlet.  

This approach at minimizing who your book is for will help you get maximum exposure and results.

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