Friday, May 31, 2019

How To Seize Your Book’s Future

Do you take responsibility for your actions in regards to your book’s success?

Let’s start with defining responsibility and what that means.

You need to take ownership for your book and steward its success.  If you don’t have a publisher, obviously it’s all on you.  But even with a publisher, you need to be in charge of your book’s fate.

First, check with your publisher.  What do they plan on doing when marketing or promoting your book?  Monitor their efforts and progress.  Ready yourself to step in and supplement their role, however small or big.

Remember, you and your publisher overlap on one goal: to sell books.  But your publisher may not be concerned with your other goals, which may include branding your name as a writer, selling your services as an expert, sharing a positive message with the masses, and perhaps selling other books or products that you created.

Publishers focus on a book for a certain window of time – and then move on to the next batch.  Typically a key time is about a month prior to publication date and a few months after a book releases.  Then the publisher gazes its eyes on the next set of books coming out.  So authors must step up and take responsibility for the short- and long-term ROI for their book.

So how does one take ownership?  He or she learns what they could do to promote and market a book and craft a plan as to what they will do, pay for, farm out, dismiss, or beg their publisher to do.

Authors need to think about several key areas:
   Book reviews – with major print and online media
·         Traditional media coverage – print, radio, television interviews, heat up, stories and bylines
·         Advertising – online or other means.
·         Best-seller lists – from Amazon and to USA Today and NYT
·         Social media – Twitter, Facebook YouTube, etc.
·         Digital Media – online websites like HuffPost or
·         Speaking opportunities – paid or free
·         Branding – their site, blog, podcast, etc.

Authors will need to:
·         Network daily and forever.
·         Craft content to share.
·         Invest time getting more social media followers.
·         Learn to speak in a compelling manner.
·         Act with preparation, vision, creativity, and dogged execution.
·         Commoditize their ideas, passions, connections.

Book publicity and marketing may seem mysterious, burdensome, and time-consuming.  It can be, but it also is fairly straightforward.  You just need to take on the attitude of being responsible for your writing success and suddenly your choices become clearer, your options widen, and your abilities become greater than you thought.  

You can – and must – seize your book’s future.

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