Monday, May 20, 2019

How Do You Create Buzz For Your Book?

Companies spend millions of dollars to create a buzz for their brand, product, or service. You are not a Fortune 500 company, so don’t think you can compete in that area. But you can learn from what top tier professional marketers do to create a buzz.

At your own level, get people buzzing or talking about you. There are many weapons at your disposal. Aim them at the same core of people whom you believe will buy your book and also be in front of influencers and other opinion-sharers. With crafty blog entries, creative videos, and sustained media coverage – as well as participation in local or industry events – you can get people to chat about you.

Start by contacting people you know. Ask them to contact people they know. And so on. Introduce yourself to other bloggers or people who have had successful video placement. Ask to join in with them. Nothing and no one is off limits. If you give them something in return, they will help you. You are looking to be known, to be seen as a legitimate expert, to be viewed as likeable, knowledgeable, interesting, and as someone to follow.

When it comes to contacting people that you know, start with those you have the best relationship with – friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Then think of all the people you interact with in some capacity. Maybe you know a woman whose child attends your kid’s school. Think of the person who makes your drink every day at Starbucks. Don’t forget people whom you have hired to do things around your house. Everyone counts because you never know who these people know. The key is to get them to introduce you in an effective way to the people they know and to the people those people know. You can’t just ask them to keep you in mind. You need to propose an action step: guest-blogging on their blog; asking them to tweet about you; having them post something on Facebook about your book; asking them to call in a favor for you; having them embrace your mission and book as if it were their own. You won’t get anywhere in book marketing by being subtle or shy.

You can advertise your way into the minds of those people you are looking to connect with but that can get expensive. Plus, advertising doesn’t come across the same as a media interview, interesting guest blog, empowering speech or funny video. You want to enter people’s inner mind circle, to be seen subconsciously as the expert on a given topic. Ads lack substance and need constant repetition to stay on people’s radars.

One way to build a buzz is through some kind of event or the issuance of a statement that turns people onto you. It sounds simple in one respect – you just need to take a stand on something, to make something your pet project, and people will begin to think of you in another light. But the catch is – what will you stand by and how will people hear your issuance of it?

To get people to evangelize you, think of what moves them. Is there a hot button waiting to be pushed? Every industry has something going on that people love or hate. Think like a politician – what outrageous demand or claim or battle cry can you issue, where there is black and white, good and evil associated with it? If it is an issue that splits people too evenly, you lose so many potential people who disagree with you, though you do rally half to your side, which is more than you had before.

The win-win is to find something few can argue with. If you write a book about losing weight, making an issue out of demanding health insurance companies pay for more prevention and wellness visits will win you fans. But making a statement that health insurance firms should raise rates to treat obesity probably will not. But if your book was written as a defense for  obese people, then such a statement would win you fans amongst potential book buyers. Certainly, only issue statements you believe in, and when you make them, back them up with facts and support from others. Think of who else would support your message – get it out to them and ask them to get the word out. Have others sell your message!


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