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15 Keys To Book Marketing Success




There are hundreds of things you need to do to be successful at marketing your book. But they are not all equal nor critical. Below are 15 ways to ensure you will sell more books and market your brand better:


1.    It’s A Numbers Game.

Marketing a book comes down to reaching out to people – book reviewers, bookstores, social media connection requests, venues to speak, and book buyers. Quantity and quality of effort rule. Make sure you send more emails, more social media posts, and more calls. Daily.


2.    Perceive Differently.

Take a hard look at yourself and your efforts. Are you doing enough – really? Are you pushing on many fronts? Do you even fully see the opportunities in front of you? Challenge your marketing assumptions.


3.    Believe In Yourself.

This is always a principle worth embracing. Believe you can succeed. Sound and look like such a person. Speak and act with confidence, and people will start to treat you the way you want to be seen


4.    Don’t Give Up – Ever!

It’s easy to give up and whine or make excuses. Instead, tough it out, and give your best effort. Make changes where needed, but don’t just give up on your dreams.


5.    Attempt The Unfamiliar.

Do what you know and like to do – sure. But also do what feels strange to you. Try new things, meet new people, and partake in new experiences. Don’t rule anything out. All is possible and available to you.


6.    Improve Every Touch Point.

You can do so many things to push your book, from seeking book awards, speaking, and social media, to advertising, news media, and bulk sales. Improve in each area that you are pursuing – and diversify into new areas.


7.    Think About How Others Perceive You

You are nothing but what people think of you. Help them see who you really are – share your ideas, brag of your accomplishments, display energy, express a vision, and act as if on a mission. People gravitate towards those who lead.


8.    Do More Of What Works, Stop What Doesn’t.

Pretty simple math here – accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Any questions?


9.    Think Big, Think Differently.

Do the core basics and pick off the easy, low-lying fruit – but also step out of your comfort zone and reach far and wide. You won’t know if you can do something unless you try. You won’t really make a giant leap forward unless you supersize your efforts and your targets.


10.  Have a Plan. Be Flexible.

Have goals, always – and a step-by-step plan to achieve your short- and long-term goals. What gets measured, gets improved. But also be prepared to change course, should conditions warrant such action.


11.  Have A Marketing Mindset Of Opportunism

Opportunity is all around you. Rarely will it just come up to you and explicitly invite you in. You need to make your own opportunity. Ask questions, observe, anticipate, and take risks. You don’t have to act in a scripted way. Be ready to pursue new opportunities every day.


12.  Lean On Others For Help.

Friends, family, and colleagues can support you emotionally and financially. They can introduce you to opportunities, write reviews, post about you on social media, buy copies of your book, etc. Ask them to help you – and to put you in front of their network of connections. Outsource things and pay to get things done that allow you to do what you do best.


13.  Be First, Different, Better – Or Don’t Bother.

Don’t just do what others do, or offer more of what is out there. Your book and your marketing efforts need to approach things in a way that warrants attention. Find your niche – and do it well.


14.  Go The Extra Mile.

Using resources wisely, getting others to help, and taking a risk all require you to go the extra mile in the things you do. Don’t seek to do the bare minimum. Commit to doing what it takes to get the job done – and then some.


15.  Be In A Position To Be Lucky.

Luck happens to those who are active. To win a game, you need to be playing. To get a book marketing break, be out there trying stuff and doing things. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results

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