Friday, July 23, 2021

Do Children’s Book Authors Have A Prayer?


Poets probably have it the hardest. No one understands poetry and few will buy it. Yes, that genre has challenges, but it has its loyal fans, too. Next up, children’s book authors. Can they survive?

Children’s books have it tough. Lots of competition for only a few million potential readers. There are many, many classic children’s books that dominate sales. Legendary institutions Dr. Seuss, Curious George, Winnie-the-Pooh, etc. squeeze out any hopes of new authors breaking through. Many children’s books are linked to, franchises, such as movie tie-ins, or they are penned by famous people who already have big followings. Still, none of this stops hundreds of thousands of children’s book authors each year from penning and drawing books for the youngest generation.  

So, what can be done to help them succeed, short of demanding Americans have more kids?  

I would tell children’s book authors and illustrators to:


  • Examine what already exists in the marketplace. Don’t go where it’s oversaturated. Find a niche that seems unique or underserved. Don’t try to be the next anyone. Be you and write what you know and feel. 
  • Read newsletters, blogs, or publications that cater to the children’s book world, including School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Children’s Book Insider, Children’s Write, and the SCBWI Bulletin.
  • Join the society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. 
  • Attend Children’s Book Fairs.
  • Network with other children’s book authors on social media. 
  • Check out the Children’s Book Council.
  • Check out catalogs of children’s book publishers to see what they are turning out. Read reviews, too. Visit bookstores and really scrutinize what they carry, in order to see where you might fit in. 

Children’s books, aside from book sales, offer the following potential windfall for authors:


  • Doll and toy spinoffs
  • Series on streaming service
  • Film or TV adaptation
  • Foreign rights sales
  • Spin-off series 

Children’s books are costly to produce and are highly competitive, but they reward authors and illustrators not just financially, but in knowing they contributed to society. Yes, children's books have a prayer -- and each one deserves a chance to impact a child.

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