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Are You Lazy, Stupid, or Cheap About Book Marketing?



There are a few different types of authors when it comes to marketing a book: They are either:


·         Very successful – rare

·         Moderately successful – some

·         Okay, but struggling – many

·         Failures – the majority


Why is that?


Authors may lack time, money, knowledge, connections, or skills to do a very good job at book marketing. But they don’t have to sit on the sidelines and do little to nothing, nor do they have to throw their hands up and surrender.


Authors may be any of these things:


·         Savvy, resourceful, and resourceful

·         Hard-working or smart or resourceful (but not all three)

·         Enthusiastic but misguided, shorthanded, or a little handicapped

·         Lazy or stupid (but not both)

·         Stupid and lazy


The approach you take will certainly dictate the results that you get. So, which type of author are you? Why? Can you see a way to step things up and improve?


 Let’s probe further. Are your book marketing efforts plagued by:


·         Not being creative

·         Always making excuses for falling short

·         Too distracted and lacking focus or a cohesive plan

·         Too quick to give up, never taking the extra step

·         Not informed of what to do

·         Lacking skills to execute

·         Making assumptions that turn out to be wrong or ill researched

·         Failing to negotiate the things you outsource


Many of these things are fixable. One can be trained and informed of what to do and shown how to do it efficiently. One can hire others to fill in the gaps. It just takes initiative.


But you may be too lazy and stupid to market your book well. Being dumb about marketing means:


·         Not asking questions or caring about the answers

·         Failing to challenge oneself

·         Not seeking out knowledge

·         Blindly trusting others with no reason to

·         Ignoring your gut instincts

·         Failing to seek help

·         Operating on misinformation, wrong assumptions, and prejudices

·         Repeating past mistakes

·         Letting fear guide you

·         Accepting rumor as fact or opinion as truth

·         Lacking common sense

·         Being too cheap to invest in yourself and pay others what you can’t do, fail to do, or don’t want to do.


The good news?


Authors can overcome their laziness, stupidity, or cheapness. Just sit back, look at what you are doing, and what you are accomplishing. Are you underachieving? Could you do better? Can you change course?


Yes, dear author, you can always do better – and you have all that you need to improve. Just commit to it – and stop being lazy, dumb, and/or cheap.




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