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How Will You Manage Your Book Marketing To Do List?


If you are like most authors, you have a to-do list that is longer than the day has hours. How will you tackle it efficiently?

First, have a comprehensive book marketing plan. Your day’s to-do list has to emanate from a master plan or each day is just reactive and random, instead of targeted and pro-active.

Second, set goals, both long-term, short-term, and daily. Without goals, you act out of context and wander aimlessly. Goals can motivate and focus us.

Third, turn on your brain. Have a book marketing mindset. Be aware of the opportunities around you. See how you can turn something into a resource or book marketing edge.

Fourth, take your to-do list and move it from your head to a computer or pad. List everything. See it. Get real. Designate the approximate time needed to complete a task. Take challenges, delays, and traffic into consideration. Do not plan an ideal day, where everything works out perfectly. Assume setbacks, surprises, failures will pop up.

Fifth, start to map it out and designate specific time slots in the day per task. Take into consideration your personal errands or time needed to eat, workout, relax, etc. Give consideration to your work flow and tempo. You know how you like to operate and in what environment will yield the greatest results. Acknowledge these preferences or needs and build into your day what is needed to infuse energy, passion, and joy into your day.

Sixth, make sure you prepare the night before for the next day’s schedule. Commit to what is needed. Take steps to confirm appointments, preview things, or mentally prepare for what is to unfold.

Seventh, never underestimate your desire to escape, be distracted, or overcome boredom and repetition. If given the chance, would you nap, shop, eat, watch TV, Net surf, drug, booze, or knock boots? Sure you would. Factor in downtime in your schedule.

Eighth, do what needs to be done, not just what you like to do. Get things done in order of urgency and deadlines. Make sure to do things that don't have to be completed now, but do need to begin so they don’t become emergencies later. No one needs to operate like a firefighter — you can predict, plan, and act ahead of things.

Ninth, note your progress. Evaluate and analyze how you are doing. What gets measured gets improved. Alter your schedule to maximize efficiency.

Tenth, think about what can get dumped on another. Outsource!  See if something really needs to be done at all — or if you can now ignore it. Look to skip steps to a task, provided safety or profit are not sacrificed. Push off to a later date what is not necessary today.


Eleven, schedule things in 15-minute increments – not 30 or 60. See what can get done in a faster amount of time, rather than spreading it out.


Twelve, determine if you really need a meeting, and if so, for how long? Does it need to be in person (no need to travel) or can you zoom – or better yet, use the phone, so you can multi-task and not get dressed up.

Get shit done. Make up your to-do list as you wish, provided you operate at maximum efficiency. Experiment. Work hard. Work smart. Take the extra step to make your day run smoothly.

Your book marketing determines your book’s success. What does your to-do list look like?


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