Thursday, July 1, 2021

Are You A Charismatic Author When Marketing A Book?


Charisma. We all like to be around charismatic people. They lift us up, make us feel good, and give us a feeling that we have a strong ally. Can you be charismatic when marketing your book?


Authors should strive to always:


1.      Be resolute and determined. People like those who have initiative and take action. Be on a mission – with determination in your eyes and vigor in your step.


2.      Have a vision and state it clearly and often. Others gravitate to a strong leader who has guiding beliefs and lives by a code of principles.


3.      Be authentic, honest, and transparent. But more importantly, be yourself.


4.      Show flexibility, not rigidity. Be open to change and advice.


5.      Try new things. Keep up with the times. Adapt. Don’t sound like you are a generation behind.


6.      Have a good sense of humor, but not at the expense of others. Manage to be funny, but not offensive or mean.


7.      Be approachable and friendly. Do not intimidate.


8.      Show humbleness and not egotistical arrogance.


9.      Be a good listener.


10.  Be a strong speaker.


11.  Act with energy, passion, and enthusiasm.


12.  Show a moral backbone, Stare your operating philosophy and values – and live by them.


13.  Always smile and give good eye contact.


14.  Respect people’s wishes.


15.  Show compassion and empathy always.


16.  Be present and in the moment. Being distracted will appear obvious to all.


17.  Give others a sense that you share in their dreams and understand their needs and desires.


18.  Show that you can be reflective and analytical of things.


19.  Be encouraging of others and support their pursuits.


20.  Be positive, optimistic, and empowering.



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