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Could Books Discussing Diet & Fitness Be Banned?


Every day the United States moves closer and closer to realizing the world envisioned in George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984. The evidence mounts up a fast clip from all facets of society — schools, businesses, and social media platforms. Bans, cancellations, and threats of either are rewriting what can be said, shared, sold, or advocated for. Oddly, the giant that everyone had feared — the government — is not the culprit here. But because of the stranglehold these other institutions have on our lives, we should be extremely concerned.

The latest salvo was fired by social media giant Pinterest. Sadly, this is not an anomaly. The daily norm consists of people, companies, and institutions drawing ridiculously rigid lines over the views or ideas that are deemed appropriate to use. Even the words that we use are in dispute and under attack.

Pinterest is banning ads for any weight-loss service or product. That is right, someone offering you a way to lose weight, live longer, and function better is now Public Enemy No. 1.

Oh, you think it is a ban of a few select companies that were found to be doing something illegal or harmful? No, no. This is a complete blackout of anyone selling something that could essentially extend or save one’s life.

So why are companies like Weight Watchers banned from advertising?

Because Pinterest users are being reminded they need to lose weight. No one in this era wants to be told they need to do something. Instead, personal responsibility and empowerment to change are at the door. We are supposed to just accept ourselves and each other for who we are. As is.

Have a fat ass? Don’t even try to lose it.

Need to drop 30 pounds to breathe better?
No, just love yourself as the heavy breather that you are.

Want to lose weight to avoid taking diabetes meds? No, we love you just as you are, even if you won’t live longer.

Now, Pinterest says they encourage everyone to be healthy. They don’t want their followers dying, right? But they believe making people think about their body image is more problematic than doing something to improve their health.

Now, on a separate note, why is America obese, despite more availability to weight-loss programs, nutritionists, and healthier foods? That is another discussion, but what we have here is someone throwing the baby out with the bath water, demonizing all who try to help us lose weight.

So, could this ban apply to authors selling weight-loss books?

I don’t see why not.

Now how messed up is that?

I don’t understand why social media platforms try to be PC police when bigger problems exist. I also don’t believe when we limit access to books, information, or ideas that society benefits. We need to teach people to be smart consumers and better evaluators of content that they come in contact with. But playing judge, nanny, and warden over what we can read, hear, or see is outrageous, not productive, and unAmerican.

Does a book give you a fat ass — or make you feel bad about yourself for trying to help you? Puh-leaze! Stop the insanity.

 The Woke Generation is obliterating anything it can’t deal with, like a child who doesn’t understand how to feel sad or angry. We are failing to prepare people for the real world, and no amount of sanitizing and scrubbing of the Internet will achieve anything but create people who can’t cope with anything or take any responsibility for the way their lives are.

Pinterest is a hypocrite. On their platform are how many images of people showing off near-impossible-to-achieve bodies? These hot bods are used as influencers to hawk other things people probably don’t need. That’s ok – but not an ad showing people how to lose weight? Maybe they will ban ads for women who have a D-cup bra – not wanting to make smaller-breasted women feel intimidated or ashamed of their body shape. Come on, give us a break!

Pinterest, please rethink your misguided, ill-informed, censor-happy approach. You may end up costing people their lives and robbing society of its ability to function outside a bubble that is sure to burst.


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