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What Really Makes Authors Productive — and Happy?


Productive authors position themselves to be successful. In addition to their raw ability to create or write, they also learn to be better at the skills needed to gain an edge in editing, researching, marketing, etc. But they also need to be grounded, working from a foundation of which they can build on.

Their foundation can start with a guiding principle, a supportive group or individual, a helpful resource, a healthy body and mind, or a cushion of funds, time, or opportunities.

What will help an author be more productive and successful? They need to build their foundation — and rise from there.

Here are 24 steps to creating an atmosphere for authors to be more productive, happy, and successful:

1. Do a quick audit of your writing career.

Ask yourself:
Are you writing at a consistent pace?
Are you marketing your writings?
Are you actively seeking a publisher or literary agent?

If not, why not? What would help you excel in any and all of these areas?

2. Can you identify who can help you?  

Figure out what your needs are, how your workload can be made lighter, and what level of help is needed. Would a college intern work? An experienced professional? A part-timer or temp?

3. Are you operating out of a physically healthy state?

Are you in pain?
Is a body part out of commission?
Are you sick?
Do you suffer from a chronic condition?
Is one or more addiction weighing you down?

Seek out help. Don’t give up. Are there traditional or experimental drugs, therapies, procedures, or rehabilitation available to you? Will you make use of them?

4. Are you financially stable?

I don’t mean are you wealthy or even comfortably middle class. But are you able to write without financial pressures influencing your activities? Can you remake your budget, lean on others, or grow your income without sacrificing what you need to do when it comes to writing?

5. Are you tech savvy?

You know what the answer is. So, what will you do about it? Find free online tutorials, read up on it, seek paid help, and explore until you gain tech proficiency.

6. Is your mental mindset strong?

Seek out a therapist, massage, sex, or something that will put your mind at ease. Or simply sleep more and get the rest needed to be up to the task of performing at your optimal level.

7. Do you have control over your writing environment and feel inspired?

Too noisy? Messy? Dirty? Fix that!
Find your den of zen. Rent a space if needed. Move if necessary. Redecorate, play music, rearrange your surroundings, and get those who disrupt you to get lost.

8. Have you set goals, for the short- and long-term?

By knowing what you are seeking to achieve, you will take steps to achieve it. By measuring progress, you will see improvement. Rally around your goals.

9. Do you have a plan?

No plan to succeed is a plan to fail. Have a plan that identifies specific actionable steps to take for achieving your writing, publishing, and marketing goals.

10. Do you schedule your time in a disciplined way?

Time is your asset. Don’t waste it or let it be your enemy.

11. Do you live in a safe community?

It certainly is easier to write and focus on your craft when you don’t have to stress out over navigating a dangerous neighborhood.

12. Are you energized by your diet and exercise regimen?

Get the energy you need from the right quantity and quality of foods and exercise. This will help you function at a higher level.

13. Do you seek renewal with a change of scenery, from vacations to getting out and seeing plays, concerts, sporting events, museums, or parks/beaches/lakes? 

Everyone needs time away from home to be entertained. Take yours.

14. Do you interact with a good network of friends, family, or a significant other?

The people in our life can inspire, support, stimulate, and help us. Engage them often.

15. Do you allow for free time to dream, play, be curious, or enjoy a hobby?

By letting yourself play, explore, and experiment, you stimulate your mind in so many ways.

16. Are you learning to be a better writer by reading books voraciously?

The best writers read the works of others.

17. Are you spiritually nurtured?

Pray or meditate. Attend a communal service and feel bonded to others.

18. Are you active in good organizations, particularly non-profits, giving back to others while making yourself feel real good? 

Donate your time to help make the world better.

19. Is something driving you to write to the point you define your day based on your writing or marketing output? 

Do you feel a sense of urgency? Do you thrive under pressure, deadlines, and challenges? Is writing your priority?

20. Are you an emotional person, someone who may excel or fizzle in response to what others say or do? Do you cry or laugh easily? 

Can you harness your emotions to inform and push your writing and marketing, or will they undermine everything that you do?

21. Always be networking.

Who you know is as important as what you know.

22. Get along with people — colleagues, employees, or competitors.

Manage and lead others, finding ways to cooperate with anyone who can help you.

23. Do you reward your successes and treat yourself well? 

Celebrate your milestone achievements.

24. Do you take time to reflect, measure, and analyze where you are at — and devise a new plan to get you where you need or want to be? 

Honestly scrutinizing yourself periodically can be a huge benefit to your growth.


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