Sunday, July 25, 2021

Are Authors One Step Away From Breaking Through?


“You are one decision away from a completely different life.”  

Those words appear in a book, The 5 Second Rule: The Easiest Way to Change Your Life, an international best-seller by Mel Robbins, over a million copies have been sold.  

It’s one of the most moving sentences I ever read. It’s so powerful, frightening, exciting, and true. The only question is this: What will you decide that can put your life on a whole new trajectory?  

Her book is about overcoming fear and procrastination. “Start before you’re ready, don’t prepare, begin she writes.  

Maybes she’s right.  

Just do. Don’t overthink it, don’t find excuses to postpone, and certainly don’t think you can’t do something.  

End the anxiety and panic. Pursue your passion and develop your confidence simply by doing. Taking action. Moving, speaking, doing. The key to accomplishing anything is to do something.  

Walt Disney said: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Take action today. Right now!  

Authors can be notorious procrastinators. They delay, deny and sabotage their dreams. They live in their minds and turn their genius against themselves. They imagine the worst, not the best. They sit on the sidelines and watch life go by, observing and reporting -- but not doing. Authors need to be the hero of their own success story.   

Can you answer these 13 questions? 


  1. How much planning do you really need to do?  
  1. How much research is required?   
  1. How organized are you?  
  1. Do you know what needs to be done?  
  1. Are you capable to do what should be done?  
  1. Have you set goals?  
  1. Do you have a schedule or timeline to succeed?  
  1. Are you highly motivated and driven to achieve?  
  1. Do you have helpers to assist you?  
  1. Are you good at setting priorities?  
  1. Do you have good health and energy and a positive work environment?  
  1. Are you armed with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources?  
  1. Do you have a clear mindset and strong foundation from which to operate from?  

What will it take for you to really break through?  

Take action. Just begin. Repeat it tomorrow. That’s it.

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