Saturday, July 17, 2021

Why Are Many Books Written By People Who Are Not Writers?


It never occurred to me that not every book is written by a writer, until someone who did write a book said to me that he doesn’t see himself as a writer.

Now, we won’t get into semantics here, for every book, by definition, that has words penned by someone, has an author attached to it. If you write a book, you are a writer. It didn’t write itself, and the person who did the writing is a writer.

But he didn’t see book writing as his career path or calling. He might not even write another book.

 He wasn’t even so excited about practicing the art of writing, but putting out a book gives him a vehicle to get his message out. The book is a memoir that inspires readers. It is about the choices we make — and how to make better ones — and it is about living with the consequences of bad choices and it shows us how to deal with our demons and overcome the loss and challenges before us.

I encouraged him to see himself as a writer, especially since everyone else will view him as one. He should embrace his new moniker and live up to the expectations and demands that get placed upon all who exhibit their craft.

There are nearly 4,000 newly released books every single day of the year, including weekends, holidays, and vacations. A chunk of those books are written by first-time authors, many of whom share a personal experience, and who may also not see themselves as writers.

To them, it is not the writing style that defines them. It is not even about the words used. It is about the substance of their lives — what happened to them. Their book is an extension of them because it is more about them than by them. To judge their book is not to judge their writing, but their sense of worth and their very life.

I think most, if not all writers, are driven to write. It does not happen accidentally. They are motivated to be heard and seen, to have their ideas and experiences praised, to have their words, snd thus their life, mean something to another.

One may not see themselves as a writer, but once you write, you are a writer, even if it is merely to describe and document, as opposed to create and imagine another world or reality.

You are a writer even if critics reject your work or consumers fail to buy many copies. You are a writer, whether it is your first or ninth book. You are a writer whether you self-publish or get published by a big publisher. You are a writer regardless of your book’s genre, length, or cover appeal.

You are a writer, whether you admit it or not. Who would ever want to be anything else?

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