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Why Must Authors Be Concerned About How Others Perceive Them?

Book marketing comes down to perception. How do others perceive you and your book? It doesn’t matter if you are a saint or the book is amazing. What matters is what you say, show, or do in regards to your book and personal image. So, what can and will you do to position your book for success?

People react to the energy you give off. If you act timidly, sound dull, appear haggard, or feel tired, it will show — and people will mirror you. Perk up and act like you are a somebody, as someone who has value, style, and enthusiasm.

Act with confidence. Smile. Make eye contact. Exude the persona of someone who is important.

Dress the part. Groom. Move with ease and grace. Be that person who has her shit together.

Forget everything that you know about yourself. Start fresh. You get a do-over now. You are not who you have been or even who you think you are. You are what you say and do now — be in the moment. Don’t assume anyone knows anything about you or your book. Explain or highlight only that which you want known.

Here are six things to consider when it comes to perception of you as an author, by others:

1. Look at things from the vantage point of your potential reader and consumer. What do they think about you and how do they comprehend what you are saying?

2. What is their experience or base of knowledge that they operate from? Do they have the capabilities to fully appreciate what you present to them?

3. What are their biases or the myths that cloud their understanding of who you are and what you offer?

4. Context and perspective rule. Everyone operates from a foundation of perspective and we need to put the offerings of others into an understandable context. We run it through a filter and prism by which we come to see something as good and useful -- or bad and useless.

5. What are the values that others care about -- and how do you support -- or conflict with them?

6. Truth -- opinions count more than facts. By what truths do they see the world and how does what you offer mesh with their sense of reality?

Authors must sell to others based on what people want to hear, what they think they need, and what they are convinced they are desirous of.  

Be sure to explain the benefits of reading your book. Answer the why: Why should they care? Why your book vs. another? What will they get out of it?  You can appeal to readers by mentioning the features of your book, but in the end, they want to know how their investment of time and money will pay-off.

Nothing is real, only what we perceive. 

Your elevator speech needs to tie it all together – who you are, what your book is about, why they need it, and how it is unique, timely, and wonderful. Tap into using certain terms or buzz words to give it authenticity and resonance. Provoke dialogue an evoke and emotional response. People make emotional purchases, not intellectual ones. They buy on passion, not facts.

When you speak or write, you must relate to a person and connect to them at their level of experience, habits, knowledge, perceptions, and personality. Customize what you say. Know your audience.

Your intonation and voice firmness sends a confident message. Speak with clarity. Act as if from a vantage point of strength and people will perceive this to be so.

Your sense of focus, priority, and urgency, if conveyed properly, will elicit the right response. If you lack vision, confidence, certainty – or show weakness – you are dead in the water. 

Remember, you are marketing your book and author brand based on perceptions – nothing else. Don’t demand the world to change or bend to your will; it’s style over substance, personality over intellect, and appearances over realities.

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