Sunday, July 11, 2021

Who Would Authors Purge, If Given The Chance?



Okay, so a movie that I just saw in the theater was not exactly Academy Award worthy, but The Forever Purge, the fifth installment of a dystopian franchise, did not disappoint. There may even be a lesson in it for the book world.

The series reveals the underlying hatred and contempt people have for one another, dividing communities over race, class, and politics. For one 12-hour period each year, citizens are sanctioned by the government to freely participate in committing unlimited crimes, including rape, robbery, assault, and torture — provided they don’t use bombs or attack government officials or their buildings.

Who would you purge, if given the chance? What old scores would you settle? How do you just go back to normalcy the next morning?

I am sure authors would have no trouble developing a purge list. Some may include these people:

*Acquisition editors that rejected your book.
*Editors who can’t write but think they can tear your work apart with corrections.
*Literary agents that refused to represent you.
*Overly critical teachers who failed to nurture and encourage your writing.
*Spouses, parents, or family members who told us to get a real job and to write as a hobby.
*Book reviewers who criticized your book.
*Members of the news media who snubbed you.
*Marketers that failed to deliver fame and glory to you.
*Consumers who judged your book by its cover, not its contents.

I shouldn’t presume authors are petty and vindictive, but who wouldn’t want to smack the elitist smirk off the face of those who failed to support our dreams of being a successful writer?

I am not a violent person, but I don’t doubt, if given complete immunity, that I would kick the shit out of people who deserve it. Before I do damage to another human being, especially one in the book world or media industry, I would try my hand at those who own Bitcoin, think NFWs are legit, those who can but won’t vaccinate, bullies, Yankee fans, extreme right-wingers, extreme leftists, and people from New Jersey.

Movies like The Purge concern me because there is an element of reality and truth to it. This isn’t UFO invasion stuff — or about dinosaurs coming back. It is about a civil war breaking out in an increasingly divided and divisive nation. But for now, it is just fiction and a path that does not have to be pursued.

But if The Purge does take hold, start making your list.



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