Sunday, April 12, 2020

Authors Need To Embrace Their Bald Moment

I knew one day I might go bald, but I didn’t think at age 53 it would happen. Blame it on corona. But I am happy for it.

Let me explain.

Because all of the barbershops and hair salons in NY are shutdown due to the pandemic, my hair had been on lockdown too. But then it became time for the buzzer and scissors to kick in at home.

I entrusted my 15-year-old son, with zero experience in this area, to do a trim around my ears and back of the head. My daughter was going to do short cuts of the hair on top.

He buzzed my sideburns too high on one side, so I told him to do the same on the other side, so that it is symmetric. Then he wanted to round out the area behind my ear and he ended up taking a wrong turn. That was that. I fired him and my wife stepped in.

But she failed me too.  We decided to just shave it all off. Yes, everything! Sometimes it doesn’t pay to hold onto what used to be and just welcome what is.

Suddenly I was transformed to look like Michael Jordan.

Ok, not quite. My kids said: “Look, it is Shrek!”

My wife made a reference to 1970s actor, Telly Savalas of Kojak fame.

“It’s Daddy Warbucks” said my daughter.

“No, it’s a bald eagle," chimed in my son.

The comments and laughter were non-stop.

But you know, I got used to it fast. Not the snide comments, but the look.

It won’t be my permanent look, but for now it is something new and different. Sometimes we just have to embrace change even when it comes to us not as a choice, but a forced situation.

My hair, or lack thereof, and all that comes with the corona hibernation, simply reflects our new normal. Rather than cry, complain, or pine for what used to be, it is better to just acclimate to things, and one day when this all clears up, we will welcome back our past life, or what is left of it, and we will also, possibly, carry over some of the lifestyle changes we had to make now out of necessity.

Your book marketing approach should mirror my haircut. Try your best to do things right, the way you used to, the way they need to be done. But mistakes may happen or certain avenues may remain closed to you. Find a workaround. Accept what you can do and not what you cannot do. And know that even if you slip or fail -- or lose some opportunities and go bald, things will  grow back (like my hair). You will recover and have new opportunities down the road.

Sure it is frustrating to live like a scared dog in our boxed-in world, but it is also liberating to know that we can survive this. We are lucky to be alive and healthy.  We are living a nightmare but it doesn’t have to end this way. We can also dream, and one day, be in a better position to pursue those dreams. Perhaps we now dream new dreams, having reflected on what is really important to us.

One thing I didn’t expect was my wife loving my new look. She can’t stop putting her hands on my head, rubbing it for good luck. Who knew I had to lose all my hair for my wife to gravitate to me and find me irresistible?

You too can find your bald moment and you may just end up better for it.


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