Thursday, April 23, 2020

Is Corona House Arrest All in Your Mind?

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Do your beliefs or expectations limit or dictate your success?

Of course they do.

Right now, many of us are not thinking clearly. Literally.

We are consumed by an unknown future. We reflect on what we’ve lost, from possibly people in our lives to jobs or money. We are not ourselves, operating on a status of Groundhog’s Day, where days blur and don’t distinguish themselves. Anxiety, fear, stress are ever present.

So how do we see beyond what grips us? The corona state of mind is like one long storm that we have to wait out. Like a storm, we know damage is taking place, but we can’t fully assess it until the storm clears. Our goal is to stay safe and weather the storm.

For authors, publishers, and those who service the book ecosystem there’s delay, defeat and despondency in our minds and hearts. We need something to ground us and provide a foundation to operate from. We need a re-start date even though it’s hard to say when or how that will happen.

So how do we act productively, with optimism and empowerment?

Well, we know that eventually we will move forward into a corona co-existence and then into a post-corona world. What we would normally do may seem unavailable to us now but it’s not lost forever. This is a time to store things up—write more books and blog post content, and to film your videos or podcasts that will get unleashed once some normalcy returns. This is your time for researching, planning, writing, and editing. And soon it will be time to promote and market more.

I know from personal experience that these things need to be in place:

1.      Stay in a normal routine. Go back to waking up at 7:00 am or something close to your old schedule.

2.      While home, divide your day from night and set real boundaries of each day's start-end date so that relaxation time doesn’t slip into work time and vice versa.

3.      Give your day some structure. Schedule your day with calls or other activities. Give a sense of urgency to what you do and set priorities.

4.      Be hopeful and optimistic, despite negative news, rejection, hearing sad stories, or feeling out of your natural comfort zone.

5.      Use this time to retool. Learn a new skill, experiment, and explore things you had mulled but never followed up on.

The corona era is upon us. It ends when we get a vaccine (12-18 months), at the latest. It ends sooner if  we get reliable treatments that are safe and available. It can be lived through with more PPE to all, consistent social distancing, effective public cleanings, and smart policies. But we know we’re in this for many more weeks and months, and need to not just sit around waiting for someone to end our confusion or abandonment. We need to take hold of our new life.

It’s not easy.

It really sucks.

But from any challenge, we can potentially prosper.

We shall survive—and then thrive.

Believe it.

Live it.

Share it.


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