Thursday, April 16, 2020

10 Ways Authors Should Market Themselves Now!


Stock market. Crashed.
Healthcare industry. Overwhelmed.
Government. Chaotic.

But the world goes on and the book industry motors forward. What should you be doing to work your way through this environment as an author looking to market a book or brand himself or herself?

Follow or explore these ten principles:

1.      Find Success Models
See what authors are doing well during these times. Look to other industries to learn what they do well that could be applicable to you. Take a page from the past: What was done during the Great Recession to climb out of a deficit?

2.      Remain Optimistic But Not Unrealistic
Find that balance between looking to advance beyond where things are today, but don’t completely embrace dreamy, romantic things because the near future will be choppy and challenging. Have faith in yourself but be realistic and aware of the facts.

3.      Always Network
Good times, bad times—success comes down not just to what you know, but who you know.

4.      Keep Moving
Don’t just sit back and retire into fear, depression or uncertainty. Keep kicking and be on the go.

5.      Operate with Facts, Not Opinions or Rumors
Be aware of what’s going on. Stick to the facts. Do your own research if needed. Don’t fall victim to a cloud of unsubstantiated claims.

6.      Get Many Views and Second Opinions
It’s good to see what other people think, but don’t put too much weight into any one person. Everyone’s an expert—and no one know everything.

7.      Practice Trial and Error
Who knows what works? The best approach is trial and error. Find what works for you by experimenting.

8.      Put Today In Perspective
Past expectations and future projections many not be as relevant as the here and now. Today ins not yesterday, and tomorrow will be different. Find a way to do what works for you now.

9.      Manage What You Can Measure
Deal in numbers, reality and facts. Don’t operate in a void or under a delusion. Just exist in the hear and now and look to control the substantial things.

10.  Bet On Something
Sometimes you have to pick a path, even when the end of the road is not visible. We are all walking through a fog, but we have to manage pitfalls blindly. Take a risk and invest in a direction that you believe will work for you.


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