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Interview With Inspirational Author Sabrina Lawton

Keep Your Sexy Sacred

Keep Your Sexy Sacred: Win the War Between the Flesh and the Spirit by [Sabrina Universal Lawton]

1.      Sabrina, what inspired you to write Keep Your Sexy Sacred?  I wrote Keep Your Sexy Sacred because I believe every problem has a spiritual solution.  Many of the problems we face in our world, have a direct correlation between our misunderstanding of God and Sex.  First, we are commonly taught that God is one gender, and that gender is male. Because of this, women are disconnected from the power we have within ourselves to be the forerunners for unleashing the true love, and nurturing our world needs in places of business, politics, and religion. Men running world religions, large corporations, and politics has not served our world very well at all. This is because both men and women have masculine AND feminine energies, or testosterone and estrogen in varying quantities. To deny one or the other is to deny the fullness of God within ones-self. The bi-product is that men are disconnected from their inherit feminine qualities, and this contributes greatly to the devastatingly harsh world we live in today. Keep Your Sexy Sacred uses biblical and scientific principles to help readers come back into balance within their being, so that they can “embody” the change we must see in our world and ourselves.

2.      What will readers learn by reading it? Readers will learn how God has been working both in the darkness and the light of their lives. They will learn their true nature as gods in the earth. They will receive the biblical understanding they need to make their mess their message. Readers will heal from past trauma and pain by seeing their lives through new lenses, with 20/20 vision. Readers will receive the “divinity codes” they need to go beyond religion to a personal relationship with God. With this information, they will “Evolve To Love” and create a new life, and bear good fruit..

3.      Your life got off to a rocky start. You were raised by a teen-age mom, your dad was incarcerated for rape. You were molested at age five. You also suffered a violent, near-death experience. Are you amazed you are here today, alive and thriving? I am grateful to be here today. It is true what they say, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I believe wholeheartedly that before I came into this earth realm, I knew what I was signing up for. I believe most of us has signed up for this “game of life” by which we walk through the darkness, forgetting who we are, to travel back through the light to rediscover ourselves, and our purpose. Every experience that I have had, has given me the authority to write this book.  How could I invite anyone to “Keep Your Sexy Sacred”, had I not suffered the consequences of not doing so, and lived to tell it? All of it is Divine. I thank every person who played a starring role in the movie of my life. It wouldn’t be a blockbuster without them!

4.      What do you mean by “winning the war between the flesh and spirit”?  To win the war between the flesh and the spirit means is to overlook what is happening in the flesh in order to understand the super-powers you have as a spirit-being to change all that is within the material or physical realm. When you can no longer react to what is happening in the illusory world, you can respond to it instead, activate your Avatar, and create a more perfect picture, all when you realize, you are spirit, or energy, and your flesh is simply a bi-product of your spiritual energy, or e-motion = energy in motion. Change the unseen, and what is seen will change. You are a dual being, not just flesh, but spirit. To reconcile yourself unto Yourself is to win the game of life!

5.      You say you hope to “Activate the divine power within women.” How so? I will help women understand the feminine nature of God. First, the Bible refers to wisdom and understanding as “feminine” in every case by identifying both words using the nouns “she”, and “her”. Next, open an orange, an apple, a seed… You will find that all things require a “womb” to be birthed through Even Jesus did not need a human male father, he did require a woman’s /womb. This is just the tip of the iceberg with regard to the Divine Power within women. Let’s not forget, beside every good man; and I do emphasize good, you will find a spiritual woman.

6.      You say you were healed by God’s love. What needed healing? I needed to see myself beyond my flesh. Beyond the way the world saw me.  The world said, I was a disadvantaged African American woman. My flesh was for the pleasure of man. My education was lacking. The world called me a statistic, and for some time, I believed that. When I consulted the Universal God within, through prayer, meditation, and the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (B.I.B.L.E) I learned a different story. I learned that every darkness was an opportunity to showcase the healing power of God’s Light if I would avail my body or “vessel” to such work. I healed when I discovered there’s power in my pain, if only I had the courage to travel through it and alchemize it.

7.      Do we have healthy images and an understanding of sex?  No we do not have a healthy understanding nor image of sex. Pornography and mainstream television programming does a terrible job of helping men to understand what women want and need in order to have truly fulfilling sexual relations with a man. Through porn, and other sources, women have been taught to be performers for men, when in actuality, just like the male peacock shows off his colors and beauty to attract a female it should be the same with men. The short of it is, the orgasm will always be a poor substitute for the Omega. Sex is a sacred expression of the love two people already feel for one another. Lust never lasts because the more you waste your sacred energy in orgasm, the less fulfilled you become. This is by very nature of our design. The goal is to alchemize your sexual or “creative” energy from your root chakra up through your crown chakra. When you’ll do, you will create something beauty and necessary for our world. This is why the sexiest parts of you, are in fact the most sacred parts of you. It is indeed true, your sexy is sacred.

8.      How do we find love?  We find love by being love. Whatever we “think” we are, we attract. Whatever we “think” love is, will be. It is very important for us to look at the examples of love we witnessed growing up. If they were not healthy examples, then we can be sure that there’s a subconscious and even unconscious bias about love rooted in our belief system. In every case, our be-lief will be-life. Decide what beliefs need to change about you and your connection to love, and your love life will change as well.     

9.      What advice do you have for people who are struggling to find balance and peace in their lives? It’s a simple formula. I say that based on the biblical principle as it is written; “God is not a God of confusion”. Breath + Stretch + Praise = Heal. I give my readers and spiritual advising clients an opportunity to do just that by guiding them through a physical exercise, and spiritual experience I call “YOFLOW. The more practical answer is this. Stop thinking. The same consciousnesses that got you in the situation cannot be the same consciousness that will get you out of it.  Access the “field” by breathing, being, and letting go; then your mind will simply receive a new download from the Universal God which is in you, and all around you. Healing comes by way of learning to dance to the fine tune of life. “do-be-do-be-do”.

For more information, please consult: www.sabrinalawton.com.


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