Thursday, April 9, 2020

Interview with TV’s Inside Edition Correspondent & Author Megan Alexander

Megan, what inspired you to pen a children’s book, One More Hug?
My son, while waiting for the school bus, had anxiety as the doors opened. He kept running back to me for “one more hug” and this went on for a year. I realized how important it was to meet his basic request. This became our little saying “there’s always time for one more hug!”

What is your book’s message?
Children are asking for more than a hug with this request. They are asking for love, attention and reassurance. The book’s message is to make time for these sweet moments, and cherish them. It is especially for little boys.

You also co-wrote a song for the book. How does the song bring the power of your book to the fore?
It is one more extension of the book. I wrote the song with country singer Lucas Hoge and songwriter Michael Hunter Ochs. I hope the song touches hearts the way the book does. And it was neat to write and record it. My son’s voice is heard on the end. We also did a music video to illustrate the message. It’s on you tube. The song is officially called “One More”. You can get it on iTunes !

As a king-time correspondent to the top-rated national syndication news magazine TV show, Inside Edition, do you work hours that don’t always allow you to give your children all of the hugs that you want to share?
 Sure, every once in awhile. It’s part of the job. When news breaks, the job demands I respond. But I’m not unusual. I think every working parent can relate. We are all doing the dance.

Your book shows young boys it is okay to have fears and needs, even as they get older, and that it is okay to share those feelings with the people who love them. Why is it so hard for young children to develop inner confidence?
I actually don’t think it’s necessarily hard for kids to develop inner confidence. I think the book is about reassurance and being there to offer it in those moments.  I do think society tends to send the message that young boys should “wipe their tears” and “toughen up”
Too soon. Our boys can do both - be tough and be sensitive.

Megan, you were raised in Seattle, but you split your time now between Nashville and New York City, raising your two young sons with your husband. How challenging is it to be a parent today?
Technology sure complicates things. But I try to return to the basics. That’s what this book is illustrating. Maybe it’s as simple as offering “one more hug”.

Have you read your book to your boys? What  was their review?
Of course! They loved it. They live it. :). They are proud of it and love saying “Mama wrote this book about me!” They also enjoy hearing the song and singing along.

Do you have any advice for others looking to write a children’s book?
Write what you know, and keep it simple. :)


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