Monday, April 6, 2020

What Will The Post-Corona Book World Look Like?


Let’s look at the book ecosystem to see how corona is impacting people now and how it could be as we begin to transition into recovery.

First ,we must consider there are three phases here: First we have to ride out this pandemic. It may have two waves – one now and one in the fall. Second, until there is a return to normalcy, albeit a new normal, we will be in a transition period between shutdown and fully open. So all of this will play out over 6-18 months and is too fluid to predict with any certainty, but one can see that each of these phases will eventually take place.

·       Bookstores – Many are shut for now. A fair number laid off staff. When they are able to reopen who knows how many will be financially able to do to. No doubt, some will shutter permanently or get sold for a low bid. But gradually, just like after the Great Recession dust settled, when more indie bookstores opened each year and some were thriving, new stores will open up to replace the ones that closed. It will take a number of years for this to happen.

·       Consumers -- Obviously they have a lot on their mind – their health, the health of loved ones, their jobs, their finances, their mental well-being. From fear, sickness and poverty, it seems everything is on the table at once. However, people are reading now and finding solace and escape in books. They are purchasing them online, whether physical or digital copies or audio. As time goes on and stores reopen, people will slowly return though their pocketbooks may be a little lighter.

·       Authors  -- Some are delaying their book publication now. With many stores physically closed, sales opportunities are down. Events, where possible, have moved online. They certainly do not provide the same size and scope of in-person events.

·       Publishers – Some have furloughed staff. Others will be closing or merging. Self-publishing will continue to fill the void.

Few people like change though some see it as an opportunity for a fresh start at life. Most see change as something being forced upon them, often with negative consequences. We crave the familiar, especially when it worked for us. The nation and world is experiencing simultaneous change at a record pace. Where will be six months or two years from now?

Can we project into an uncertain future? We need to build our own models, built on facts, the past, human nature, and of what could be. Authors can do this. Let’s try.

Will people buy books during the recovery? Yes, books are still a relatively inexpensive joy and need. But they may afford a few less books.

Today sucks, but writers can do things now to prepare for the inevitable day when we can circulate again.

They can take time now to:

  • Learn, conduct research, and network
  • Build up a reserve of blog posts, podcasts, videos and content
  • Be more active on social media
  • Create speeches for future events
  • Develop online courses
  • Writing additional books
Today it rains. tomorrow it might snow. But the sunshine will clean all of that away. Use the dark days to prepare for the day the sun will eventually come around.


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