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21 Free Ways To Promote Your Book

A smart book marketing plan will involve things that are free, stuff you can do yourself and with a minor cost associated with it, and things you’ll need to outsource to a pro. Today we’ll talk about what can be done for free that could be helpful to any author marketing his or her book and brand. 


  1. Create your own blog. 
  1. Host your podcast. 
  1. Guest post on the blog of another.  
  1. Be a guest on someone’s podcast. 
  1. Write a byline article about your book for publication in a magazine, newspaper, newsletter, or blog.  
  1. Speak at libraries, churches, schools, non-profits, businesses, associations, or government agencies, presenting your book to targeted groups. 
  1. Email people you know. Ask them to buy the book, Suggest that they also gift a copy to someone. 
  1. Send out a crafty press release to media contacts that you find online.  
  1. Offer free content from your website that can be downloaded in exchange for one’s email address. Build your list and stay in touch to promote your book.  
  1. Launch your own e-newsletter. 
  1. Ask friends and family to post book reviews and social media posts about your book. See if they can ask their list of connections to do the same. 
  1. Visit with or call local bookstores to seek a book signing. If they only do them by zoom due to covid, just do it. 
  1. Join a writers association and collaborate with fellow authors to trade reviews and social media posts, share lists and ideas, and support one another. 
  1. Network. Always. Not just online but in person. Where you go in the book world will depend on who you know. 
  1. Study up. Consult blogs, books, and videos that instruct on how to be better at marketing yourself. 
  1. Research your market. Identify your target readers, find out where they circulate, and reach out to them.  
  1. Find authors similar to you, that are successful in your genre. See what they do and where they play. Copy what they do.  
  1. Seek out unpaid interns or volunteers to help you market yourself. Reach out to a nearby high school or college.  
  1. Make a trade. Give something of perceived value to another that costs you nothing -- and get in exchange something that can help you promote yourself.  
  1. Create an attractive video, one where visuals match your words, where you share something so funny, shocking, new, interesting, or beautiful that people feel compelled to act on it and share it. Will you go viral? 
  1. Seek out testimonials from people in positions of authority, who can vouch for you as a person, not just a writer. Seek out a professor, a minister, the head of a non-profit, and any authority-type person who can vouch for your character, friendship, work, or whatever capacity they know you in. Put these endorsements on your website and in your social media.

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