Sunday, December 19, 2021

22 Things Authors Should Do In 2022


New year, new you? 

You might be thinking about changes you’ll make in your life, vowing anything from losing weight or increasing travel to making more money and having better relationships. Maybe you’ll pursue a hobby or right a wrong. The possibilities are endless. So, when it comes to you as an author, here’s what you might consider doing in 2022: 

1.      Get on social media for the first time, finally get active on your existing accounts, or expand to new ones. Take a close look at Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, and You Tube. Consider other platforms that are up and coming or that cater to your industry or area of expertise.  

2.      Launch your blog, get on a disciplined posting schedule, and make the effort to share your posts.  

3.      Launch your podcast, get on a dedicated schedule to regularly air shows, and make a concerted effort to share your links. 

4.      Launch a video channel, get on a routine airing schedule, and make a real effort to share your videos with others. 

5.      Guest post more often on the blogs of others.  

6.      Get interviewed by other bloggers or podcasters. 

7.      Consider adding guest-posters to your blog or invite guests to be interviewed on your blog or podcast. 

8.      Actively join more online groups and associations connected to writing books or to your industry specifically. 

9.      Boost your social media posts (pay to get more clicks). 

10.  Develop a mailing list and put your contacts into Mail Chimp. Then actively get more emails from people who download free content from your website. 

11.  Commit to networking more often, whether online or in-person. 

12.  Learn more. Read books and blogs; listen to podcasts; watch videos; and attend webinars and seminars about book marketing and publicity. Hint, start here: 

13.  Consider releasing your book in multiple formats -- hard cover, trade paperback, mass market paperback, e-book, and audio book.  

14.  Consider relaunching an old book. Revise and update it. Add a chapter or two. Get a new ISBN. Now it will be eligible for reviews, book awards, and new opportunities.  

15.  Develop a book marketing plan and actually seek to execute it. Seek out professional help but expect to do a lot by yourself as well.  

16.  Diversify your book marketing portfolio. This means you’ll need to do a little, and maybe a lot in one or more key areas: social media, advertising, traditional media, book reviews, paid reviews, speaking, direct marketing, networking, and other specialized areas. 

17.  Join GoodReads -- and be active there. Same with Net Gallery. 

18.  Consult a tool like Publisher Rocket to analyze how to categorize your book, especially if you run Amazon ads. 

19.  Join HARO -- for a fee -- to learn of daily requests from journalists and bloggers for various experts to be interviewed. It stands for Help A Reporter Out.  

20.  Boost your author profile by creating a free profile (and post articles) on Medium and Buzzfeed.  

21.  Looking to run a price promotion for your book? Try a stacked price promo like this: 


Day 1: Bargain Booksy, + ENT + Book Barbarian

Day 2: Robin Reads + Book Rebel + My Book Cave 

Day 3: The Fussy Librarian + Early Bird Books + Book Sends 

22.  Explore these sites that offer free ways to promote your book: Free Booksy, Book Bongo, The Lineup, Book Doggy, My Book Place, Indies Unlimited, Book Goodies, Ebookaroo, and Book Angel.  

So, what will you do differently this year? You have many options and choices. Feel empowered in knowing there’s a lot that’s available to you -- it’s just a matter of you taking the next step to pursue what’s within your grasp.  

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